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Projectile Motion. Uniform centripetal motion is the motion of an object moving in a circle at a constant velocity. This happens due to a force pointed towards the center of the circle, called a centripetal force. The exact nature of this force depends on the circumstances. Be more specific than just saying "we're going to measure centripetal force." After you have formulated a plan, perform the experiment. Your lab report will consist of the proposal, the experimental protocol you followed, the data you took, and the verification or falsification of the relation above. Enter your experimental plans in the box. The purpose of this lab is to investigate the relationship between the speed of an object in uniform circular motion UCM and the centripetal force on the object. Equipment: centripetal force apparatus. washers or weights. meter stick. stopwatch. data & analysis sheet.

Centripetal Force By: Alexander Jones. Abstract. In this experiment Newton’s first and second laws of motion were used to study and verify the expression for the force, F, to be provided to mass, m, to execute circular motion. Lab 4 - Centripetal Force & Motion. Objective If an object moves in a circular path there must be a Centripetal Force acting on it. This experiment determines this Centripetal Force and compares it with the balancing force of gravity on a hanging object. PHY 133 Lab 5 - Centripetal Motion. Equipment. Introduction. Experimental Method. First steps to prepare the apparatus. Preparing for a measurement. Performing a measurement. Experiments to perform. Answer the following questions: PHY 133 Lab 5 - Centripetal Motion. Many times, friction is the source of the centripetal force. Suppose in our initial example that a car is traveling through a curve along a flat, level road. A freebody diagram of this situation would look very much like that of the block on the end of a string, except that friction would replace tension. VPL Lab – Circular Motion, Centripetal Force 2 Rev 12/19/18 Setting Speeds/Velocities Click the on/off switch beside the tone arm. It toggles on/off each time you click. You don’t have to drag up and down. With the turntable on, note the three speed indicators.

Lab 3 15 Lab 3. Centripetal Force Introduction Those of you who have tied an object to a string and whirled it in a horizontal circle above your head no doubt have recognized that you have to pull on the string and therefore on the object in a direction toward the center of the circle if you wish to have circular motion. This pull or force is. LAB REPORT: Centripetal Acceleration CFA By: First,Max,Pim,PatGail 10­2 OBJECTIVES In this experiment, you will • Collect force, velocity, and radius data for a mass undergoing uniform circular motion. 30/11/2019 · Information recall - access the knowledge you've gained to identify the source of centripetal force Additional Learning. Centripetal motion is expanded upon in the lesson designed to be studied with this quiz, titled Centripetal Motion: Physics Lab. Read to find out more about: The definition of uniform centripetal force.

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